Friday, April 14, 2017

Pot Bellies

Have you ever driven down a street and had a squirrel run into the road in front of you? What do they do? Answer. They zig and zag forwards and then backwards in reckless confusion. Miraculously, most of the time, they avoid our tires.


Put bird feeders in your yard and you will see the exact opposite; they have an unconquerable and undeterred will and plan to get to it!

At The Shire we feed deer, hummingbirds, cardinals, and flocks of migrating birds headed north and south. Deer corn is scattered across the pasture, thistle hangs in socks, and black oil sunflower seed rests in feeders. Our intention is not to feed squirrels; there are enough acorns and pine cones for them to forage to fill my pick-up truck bed.

But, no...

Those furry little acrobats have a genius for pilfering second to none! Today, after my friends left with a mess of bass and brim from the pond, I sat and watched a band of the grey robbers shimmy slippery steel poles, leap from flimsy branches onto the feeders, latch on with one paw and with a fury of swipes, bat seed onto the ground.

That's when I first noticed--in spite of the incredible amount of calories they must burn--ours have so much food they have pot bellies! No lie. As they sat on their haunches stuffing sunflower's future prodigy into their cheeks, their profile is shaped like a light bulb.

I just sat back and laughed...  

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