Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Dirt Therapy

It's only Tuesday and I have gotten a lot of the outside work on The Shire completed. For me, it's dirt therapy. Porches and decks pressure washed, weed-whacked about a half-mile of fence lines and lawn edges, mowed acres, raked up enough branches to build a debris hut, made dinner the last two nights, and worked on messages for the next 8 weeks.

Now I'm sitting by the pond. A deer meandered along the dam to the south and calmly slipped down into the hardwood bottom. Birds keep the evening cheerful with their chirps and peeps. Frogs chime in. Beneath the willow tree bass bust the surface and chase down brim. My understanding is that brim hatch every full moon. Look up at the night sky and you will see it's dinner time for predator fish. Contrails of jets leave their signature white lines slicing through the dimming blue sky then disappear into banks of grey and silver clouds. The sun has dropped behind the horizon; my computer screen grows brighter.

Resurrection Sunday is just days away, and I'm looking forward to gathering with friends to worship. In the meantime I'm working on a new series of messages: Chain Breaker. It's a great privilege to follow-up the Passion Week series with the hope that Christ's rising from the grave conquered the last enemy--Death.

Speaking of friends; a couple are coming by Friday morning to help reduce the bass and brim in our over-populated pond. Hard working guys who love the outdoors and never at a loss for words. Wish them luck.  

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