Monday, March 20, 2017

First Ride

For the first time since my cycling accident 18 months ago, I got back on my bike. It was a short ride; about 13 miles (those familiar with cycling know that's little more than a warm  up ride). At the present there is not much time available to do more.

Not that I need any more reasons to ride--I love every click of the gears and revolution of the wheels, but my doctor told me that if I keep weight off and don't engage in a lot of high-impact activities, my hip replacement should be good for 20 years. Cycling is low impact and high enjoyment...

Along my brief route, for conditioning, I stopped at the bottom of a couple of hills, kept my bike in a high gear, and cranked down on my pedals to get an extra workout. I felt surprisingly strong. Living out in the country, we have the blessing of paved roads with hardly any traffic. I shared the entire trip with only two vehicles. Also, our backroads are kind of a haven for cyclists, so motorists are incredibly gracious in giving us room and aware of our presence. Beside, most everyone out in these parts knows each other.

Over the weeks and months ahead, I'll stretch out my rides. Due to the amount of time commitment it takes, I don't see a Century Ride in my near future. But I look forward to those  40-60 mile treks in the days ahead!

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