Monday, March 27, 2017

As It Should Be...

I am never more vexed with myself than when I have done my very best to extol his dear name. What is it but holding a candle to the sun... I cannot speak as I would of Him. The blaze of His Sun blinds me. ~ C. H. Spurgeon

God's timing is perfect and impeccable. I needed to hear what Spurgeon had to say in the deepest part of my soul... the very moment I received it. Not as a rebuke, but as an encouragement.

Nearly every week I speak on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings to God's people. Personally, I don't believe I have ever felt a greater urgency to lift up the Christ of the Word than the present. For that reason, as we move through this Easter season, we are focused on events particular to the passion week of Christ.

Presenting God's Word on a weekly basis is equivalent to writing a term paper every week. The process of writing yourself empty and praying yourself full and preparing yourself, let alone the message, is what God requires, and I believe God's people should anticipate. This past Sunday, Spurgeon's confession was mine. Like him, in the sense that I've done my best to extol Christ's name, there was a humbling awareness I had but lit a candle to explain the brilliance of the sun.

And that is as it should be...

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