Sunday, January 29, 2017

Breaking Free

This afternoon I took a walk down the woods road that gently slopes down into a hardwood bottom and takes a hard right to the west shadowing Standing Boy Creek. During most of the early fall Standing Boy was bone-dry due to extended summer heat and drought. At the present, Standing Boy has a fresh flow of rainfall flowing through its twisting veins. Tiny, slender islands of sands separate it into many little branches, and pressed into those fingers of dry land are tracks of deer, coyote, and raccoon.

It's a windy day here, and during my walk the usual twittering of birds was replaced with the groans and creaks of trees bending at its gusts. Brown, dry leaves spun making a whirring and tinkling sound. Yet, they stubbornly refused to detach from their branches.

Here and there the monotony of the colorless landscape was broken by lively splotches of green provided by pines and cedar. At the edge of Standing Boy are fan palms; they, too, never submit to the searing heat or chilling frost. All year long they bear the signs of life in their long, slender, emerald shoots. However, the one I've included appeared it was trying to break free of its roots and soar off to warmer climates.  

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