Thursday, January 12, 2017

The thin red line of the mercury rose to 73 degrees today, but the bright warming rays responsible have dissipated, and the sun has sunk below the horizon. Yesterday, the moon expanded to its fulness, but a day later it remains the dominant light in the evening sky.

When I can, I drop the tailgate on my pick-up truck, sit quietly, and let my soul synchronize with the darkness around me, and the stars above me. To my right, our drive way--which is more than 1/5 a mile long--bends toward the northeast and then makes an arcing turn towards the north. Where the end of the driveway meets Holland Road, there is a street light that glows a yellowish-orange and illuminates a swath of the pasture. From where I sit, on the tailgate of my truck, I see the silhouettes of deer as they cross the treeless expanse.

Josh is here, and as I write, we are sitting around the circular glow of the fire pit with a couple of his friends; a photographer and an instructor from Columbus State University. Smoke rises, but not very high, and like fog it hugs the terrain and blurs the landscape. It's a wonderful world!

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