Thursday, January 19, 2017


I arrived in Maine yesterday. By the standards of the Pine Tree State the weather was fairly mild (20's). This morning I awoke to a fresh blanket of snow that fell during the night and continued to flutter down during the dim light of a new day. Grey clouds, so typical for this time of year, hovered low. I counted 25 turkeys filling their bellies and gullets at the feeders my brother-in-law keeps well supplied. Bluejays and morning doves darted and swooped in amongst the gobblers grabbing whatever morsels they could.

Along with my sisters, Brenda and Barbara, we went to see mom this morning where she resides at The Meadows. Just 24 hours earlier she took a trip by ambulance to the ER, but today was back among her friends. Mom is always the same; delighted to see her children, undaunted by setbacks, and grateful for every little thing life serves up. In the family area where we sat and talked jigsaw puzzles, patiently assembled piece by piece by mom and her friends, are framed and hang on the walls. On a card table is another puzzle, a Norman Rockwell print jigged and sawed and 75% complete. Mom said it's a really difficult one to solve, but I'm betting it will soon be framed and on the Walls of Fame!

My vocation has given me the opportunity to be in hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted-care facilities my entire adult life--The Meadows is staffed with some of the most dedicated caregivers in the business. On Saturday we will have a party to celebrate mom's 88th birthday!

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