Sunday, January 8, 2017

Makes Me Happy

By southeast standards, it has been cold at The Shire! As the sun broke over the horizon the last two mornings we have seen lows of 22 and 17 degrees.

Creatures of all sorts broke their feeding patterns and took uncommon risks trying to ingest enough calories to offset the deficit brought on by sub-freezing weather. This afternoon 22 hooded merganser ducks invaded our pond. I'm guessing the fingerling-sized fish were easy pickings. Through binoculars, I watched them dive beneath the chilly waters and emerge gulping down their catch.

Yesterday morning 80-100 wild birds suddenly converged on seeds and suet at our feeders. Tiny pine warblers accounted for about 80. An assortment of other birds, out-shined by bright red male cardinals and their mauve girlfriends, pecked away at the free food.

I ran out of corn, so on Saturday I scattered sunflower seeds where I usually feed the deer. Today at dusk, a doe cautiously fed on the pile of black seeds.

Makes me happy :)

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