Sunday, January 1, 2017

First Night...

We awakened to pouring rains, and throughout the day there has been no sign of the sun. No complaints. Here, in the Southeast, rainfall was barely measurable July through November. December, has blessed us with slow moving weather systems, and low grey clouds periodically releasing their stores of water. Our pond is refilling; no need for our fish to learn to walk. Fescue grass, which will stay green as long as there is ample water, sunshine, and temps above freezing, adds a hue of green to the otherwise boring and beige colors of the fall landscape. Most evenings a half-dozen deer browse on the new growth.

As I write, water cascades from the eves of the house, relaxing sound of raindrops patter on the roof, Sandy is napping on the couch, and the New England Patriots just put a hurting on the Miami Dolphins.

First night--peaceful night.

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