Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Robin Hood 2.0

"Bapo" aka our son, Josh, bought the Wolf Cub a bow and 5 blunted arrows for Christmas. For the last couple of days Wolf Cub has become a great little archer. Robin Hood would be proud. It's been wonderful to watch him progress from awkwardly trying to nock an arrow to more smoothly drawing it back for release. Throughout the early evening into the dark of night he fired away as I stood behind him with a flashlight watching his arrows take flight.

Meg left today. Sammy and Josh leave tomorrow, and Justin, Erika, and Wyatt leave on Friday. This has probably been the best Christmas we have ever experienced together. I had a sweet moment with Wyatt today. It went like this... Justin and Josh took Meg to Atlanta for the first leg of her trip back to Seattle. Wyatt went with them; the plan was to take him to the aquarium. Before they left I told Wyatt what a great adventure lay ahead. He asked me who was going, so I told him. His response? "But I love everyone!" I told him Papa had to work and not everyone could go. They had a great time.

Tonight we are going to watch the latest version of Jungle Book. 

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