Friday, December 30, 2016

Looking Back...

Today, Justin, Erika, and The Amazing Wyatt flew back to Boston from Atlanta.

Last night, we sifted through stacks of black and white photos. Most of the photographs were from Sandy's family and looked back over eight generations, but scattered among them were some colorful pics of our children. From time-to-time I would send along copies to Meg and Josh. As we shuffled through them, every time Wyatt saw a picture of a baby he would ask, "Is that me?"

Today, Wolf Cub and I took a final ride on the RZR around the pond and across the rolling pastures. He loves his bow Josh (Bapo) got him, and I stood looking over his shoulder as he fired his quiver of five arrows at least a half-dozen times. Finally, I had to face the inevitable; it was time to pack the bow away and garage his truck. "Let's drive your truck over to the storage building. I'll do an engine rebuild while you're gone (Meaning, I will keep the batteries rotating on the trickle charger)." This will be the last year Wyatt will be driving his truck, because he is outgrowing it. BUT! A baby brother is growing in the beautiful Erika and is due to make his arrival with the warm sunshine of spring, so it's yet to be retired.

On the way to the airport, The Amazing Wyatt fell asleep in his carseat with Optimus Prime in his lap.

Tonight, for the first time in a week, the house is quiet. All the kids, significant others, and friends are gone. Constant flowing of traffic into The Shire has abated. Between work responsibilities and family activities, Sandy and I happily burned the candle on both ends. Bedtime will come early.

Tomorrow, I begin taking down my Clark Griswold-like outdoor Christmas decorations and turn my focus to preparing for Sunday.  

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