Monday, December 26, 2016

Family Time

Our three adult children, plus our daughter-in-law, grandson, and Josh's girlfriend, Sammy, are at our home. Within hours of arriving, our oldest son, Justin, created a spread sheet of stuff we all want to do. Christmas is the one time of year we are all together; we try to make the best of it. This year we are experiencing near record high temperatures. For this group--who've experienced many a bone chilling winter in the northeast--soaking in the brilliant sunshine of the southeast is quite tolerable.

For Sandy and me, part of the joy is the constant traffic of our kids friends who flow in and out like the ocean tide. The Shire (what we call our home) becomes a magnet drawing friends from near and far. There's plenty of room here, and today the immediate acres of surrounding pasture provided hours of long-range archery competition. Using a longbow, Josh actually put arrows on target--no sites--at 70 yards. In the back-corner of another field 410's and 20 gauges blasted away at hand-slung skeet. Then it was down into the creek bottom to fire handguns and long-guns of every caliber known to man.

Wyatt, is four and buzzed around in his electric F150, or was running the wheels off his RC car he got for Christmas. Our little wolf cub lives in the city in the Boston area. Once here, he is like a colt let out of the barn with all the wide open space. Throughout the day he spent a good amount of time collecting pine cones, loading them into the tiny bed of his pick-up, then driving down to the fire pit to offload them. This Christmas, for the first ever for me, I went full Clark Griswold with outdoor Christmas--a friend gave me a BIG trailer full of Christmas lights and scenes. At night, when everything was twinkling and sparkling, I asked Wyatt which of the displays he liked best. His response? I love them all, Papa! His parents, Justin and Erika are incredible. Wyatt is full of life, extremely bright, self-confident, well behaved, and the object of much affection. As I write, he and our daughter, Meagan, are making chocolate chip cookies. I wish everyone could listen to the conversation they have as they crack eggs, mix batter, and place them on cookie sheets. There are definitely not too many cooks in that kitchen...

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