Saturday, December 31, 2016

Enjoying the Adventure

Will you fight off the Sandman to stay awake and listen to the countdown and watch the big ball drop in Times Square tonight? 2016 has been a great year; no sentiment like "good riddance 2016" here. But unless we have a bout of insomnia, Sandy and I won't be tooting party favors or raising glasses to toasts. Honestly, it would be anti-climatic after the week we just spent with our kids.

Tomorrow marks the first day of 2017, and it falls on Sunday. We will gather with our faith community at Hamilton Baptist Church. Ours is a small congregation, and I know many will be traveling due to the long weekend. But for whomever is there, I will bring a message entitled "Enjoying the Adventure." Actually, I will be on that very theme for the first month of the New Year.

To quote my Bride, "We are living life backwards." How so? We started out in ministry as church planters, ministered to broken churches, led a well established SBC church, and were missionaries in an Asian country. Now, we have come full-circle to HBC where we are approaching our assignment as church planters once again. God has sent along some incredible people to join with us, and we are growing spiritually and numerically. We are enjoying the adventure.

Christian faith is an adventure, but not the vacation sort. It's never presented as a straight-line journey from the new birth to eternity. Conversely, we don't stare up into the sky waiting for the ball of God's Providence to drop like clockwork at 1-second past midnight. No, there are ups and downs. Exhilaration and deflation. Fits and starts. Straight lines and detours. Crawling. Walking. Running. Stumbling. It's learning to journey by faith, knowing that the One we trust is trustworthy, even when we don't trust ourselves. We don't always get it right, but because of God's graciousness, everything will be alright, and that is why we can enjoy it...   

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