Sunday, December 18, 2016

Christmas Cheer

One of our neighbors gave us a trailer load of outdoor Christmas decorations--a BIG trailer full! My kids have renamed me, Clark Griswold. I can't wait until our grandson The Amazing Wyatt (A.K.A Wolf Cub) sees it all: penguins sliding down a lighted arc of ice; a herd of reindeer; an igloo with a little penguin that pops out of its top; a moose parachuting from the sky; a drummer-bear; a serpentine Candy Cane Lane, thousands of lights, and so much more. Clusters of traditional Christmas scenes fill the backyard between the house and our pond. Flood lights soar upward, illuminating limbs of tall pines and oaks standing like sentries around its edges. Reflections of reindeer and sleigh shimmer across its glassy surface.

As a family we are only able to gather together once a year, so for that reason Christmas is especially meaningful. It's not about gifts. Wyatt is the only one we surround in boxes wrapped in bright colored paper and topped with shiny bows. At 11 a.m., on December 25th we will recognize and worship the true meaning of Christmas together at Hamilton Baptist Church. Traditional Christmas hymns will be sung, and the little ones will gather around me at the front of the church to hear the story of the Advent as told in the Gospel of Luke.

I'm grateful our kids--now adults--love each other, and love Sandy and me. Their significant others are family, too. We are a close-knit clan.

We are blessed...

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