Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Vote...

He [God] gave them the desires of their heart, but sent leanness to their soul. ~ Psalm 106:15

Our form of government and political processes gives citizens of the United States the right and privilege to choose between two major political party candidates (or independent candidates) to elect one of them as President. Last night Donald J. Trump was declared winner. Millions of Americans voted.

I don't believe the outcome was the result of Divine intervention. As I wrote yesterday, Jesus said, My kingdom is not of this world. Neither do I believe all Christians agree with the position I just stated.

Maybe we would agree on this much--at least within the broader "Christian" community. How a country and the individuals in it votes does reveal much about their view of how the world should work, and so to a great extent their view of how God believes the world should work. God does not stop such processes, even if, as the Psalm above says, the desires of our heart have long since abandoned the desires of His. The Psalm also reminds us--with the freedom of choices come consequences.

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