Friday, October 14, 2016

At the beach...

We are staying on the thirteenth floor. Beneath us, and to the west, waves roll onto the beach. Above the low rumble of the surf, voices of children fill the night with excited sounds of their after-dusk discoveries. Night's darkness has arrived, and beams from their flashlights cast distinct white lines and circles in the talc-like sand that stretches on for miles. Someone, legal or not, has a fire burning amid the sand and surf.

Friends gifted us with a stay at their condo in Sandestin. Sandy and I have had coffee each morning on the patio and then walked the beach two-to-three miles. When we are done, we leave the resort to find a place to get a healthy breakfast. Other meals we have cooked at our plush accommodations.

Since arriving, a full moon has been waxing. Last night, or should I say, early morning, I got up at 2 a.m. to see the beams of a full moon cast its light upon the gentle surf and white sands. Countless stars fill the night sky. A steady breeze from the east made the white, long-sleeved shirt I wore comfortable.

This morning, a devil-ray kept pace just off shore as we walked toward the rising sun. Sharks chased a school of fish not more than 30 yards off shore. O, how I wish I would have had my camera to photograph them. Sea birds plucked and scavenged their breakfast from the white beach. Several Royal Terns--unique looking seabirds--broke up the monotony of the squawking seagulls.

As I type, my bride of 39 years is reading a book. I spent a lot of the unfettered time here reading, too..