Tuesday, August 30, 2016

I Will Look Back...

Once our gear was packed, we climbed aboard our horses and went off the grid. No phones. No camera. No electronic communication. John Muir Wilderness here we come! Our guide promised there would be hundreds of photos at journey's end. There was.

I love photography and have taken thousands around the world. But I'm not much for "selfies." Looking through the photos, there were a few of me. Immediately, two things came to mind: first, the confirmation of why I don't like selfies--I have a face made for radio, and second, a question--where has the time gone--who is this old guy?

Like our national symbol, the bald eagle, my hair is beyond white--it's neon white! As a teen it was auburn and wavy. Fortunately, as the saying goes, it hasn't waved good-bye. I remember the stop when that picture was taken. Looking at young Kovey, Justin, and Josh, I thought, One day they will be the elder in such a company of travelers.

Somewhere I have read, The best thing for the inside of a man is the outside of a horse. Within that quote is truth to be savored. For a few days we lived at a pace--and in a habitat--that suits me fine: twisting dusty trails; majestic soaring elevation; simple daily goals; meals around a campfire; clopping of falling hooves; bedrolls  on the ground, and a canopy of stars overhead.

Twenty years from now, should the Lord give me such a lease on life, I will return to these moments captured in digital form. One glance and memories a camera lens could never capture will arise from my memory bank. I'll look at them and think, "O, to be young again!"


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