Saturday, August 27, 2016

Endless Vistas...Emptied Vocabulary

Each rider settled into the rhythm and cadence of their horses' steady pace. Bobbing along in the saddles through the Sierras, long stretches passed when nobody spoke a word. But our heads, as if on a pivot, never stopped turning.


Sensory overload of twisting rocky trails, crystal mountain streams, and snowy soaring peaks filled our vision, all the while emptying our vocabulary as we tried to describe what we were beholding. As they say, "we were left speechless."

Justin, Josh, and I had a particular conversation that has come to mind many times since leaving the mountains. Josh said something like this. "I find myself constantly wowed by the wonder of all this."

Justin responded, "Me too. I'm flooded with amazement... all the time. I can't find words."          

I responded, "We are just a "'Wow"' family, aware of the wonder around us... that's a good thing."

Actions speak louder than words...
One of my favorite pictures...
Scenes like this made us never want to leave.

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