Sunday, July 10, 2016


A doe and its fawn has shown up at The Shire. Based on the size of the little one, it appears it was born in the last few days. Usually, does dropped their fawns weeks ago. But there is also a second  rutting season that can extend into January, and a few babies come into the world at this late date.

Last Friday, Sandy watched the baby as it lay alone, curled up beneath the river birch tree in our front yard. Newborns have no scent, so the mother--who does--will stay away so as to not attract predators. From time-to-time mothers show up to nurse them. For a couple of days there has been no sign of either mom or offspring. So, like nervous parents, we fret. Always concerned about the abundance  of coyotes that roam the woodlands around our home.

Tonight, just before dark, a doe nervously paced around on our side lawn. We believe her baby is hidden away in the blackberry briars behind the cottage. After a while, I circled the area--not too closely--but didn't see mom or baby. Hopefully, they are safely bedded down. Tomorrow I will buy some deer-corn and make life a little easier for our new mother and child.

I will also have my rifle nearby to discourage any coyotes from predation. 

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