Monday, June 6, 2016

Green light!

Last July I took a nasty spill off my bicycle resulting in a full, right hip replacement. Four more surgeries required to re-route the ulnar nerve in my right arm and release pressure on the ulnar on my left arm. Carpal tunnel repair in both hands was also needed. To date, I haven't yet recovered feeling in four of my fingers--two on each hand--nor the edges of my palms and inside of my arms up to my elbows. My new hip healed in near record time--there have been no residual issue whatsoever!

Green Light...

I received the results back from a bone density scan, and I am good to go! Today, I begin the journey back to the full-body strength routine I have followed for nearly all of my adult years! High intensity--but low impact--cardio also begins today!

I'm sending out thanks to those who prayed for my recovery and checked in on my well-being. It's truly appreciated.

God wires us all with certain proclivities, and mine is the great joy of bringing my body, as well as my spirit into the condition I believe God intended. Physical activity has always been important in maintaining a balance between the physical and spiritual. 

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