Sunday, March 6, 2016

We Didn't Care...

As the sun sinks lower and lower, shadows grow longer and longer. Elongated silhouettes of the horizon perforated by patches of light break up the greening expanse of the pastures. Breezes once hassling the surface of the pond have moved on. A liquid mirror doubles the beauty of everything surrounding it.

Weeks have passed since we last saw deer, but we know lurking in the shadows of hundreds of acres of woods they forage. Impressions left in the sands around Standing Boy Creek leave traces of their presence. In the wombs of does little ones grow. Nearly indistinguishable from their mothers, their fathers masculine antlers have been shed. Before long, through our floor to ceiling windows, we will watch spotted fawns naively prance and frolic, unaware of the dangers of their new world.

Earlier this afternoon Sandy and I slung plastic bait into the pond trying to entice bass to bite. They weren't interested. We didn't care...

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