Monday, February 29, 2016

What Time Is It?

Up until the third-grade, we lived in Old Town, Maine, on Center Street. My grandfather, whom I am named after, and grandmother lived a short distance from us. On many a Saturday morning we used to walk to their house on Elm Street. We couldn’t wait to get there, because Papa Bill would cook up flapjacks and scrambled eggs, and we would have breakfast together. I loved going there.

Like the two old souls that lived there, their home had the aura of something aged, too. It had orderliness to it; there was a place for everything, and everything was in its place. And everything in its place was antique and of a time long past.
Do you have similar memories?
A story is told of a little boy who love to go to his grandparent’s home during summer breaks from school. It was a serene place, and in particular, he loved the steady tick-tock of a big grandfather clock standing in a corner of the sitting room. Each morning his grandmother would pull the two long chains that rewound the old time-piece. Its steady cadence seemed to set the pace of the elderly couple’s day. But what he loved most about the big clock was the way it sweetly chimed every hour on the hour. In the mornings the little guy would wait for it to chime seven times. At seven a.m. he knew when he came downstairs breakfast would be cooking.

One morning, as he lay in bed, the clock began to chime…once, twice, three times, four, five, six, and finally seven. It’s time for breakfast he thought. But it kept chiming. Eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, and then thirteen! Thirteen, the little boy thought! Throwing off his blankets, he hopped out of bed, and ran down stairs, yelling. Grandma! Grandpa! Wake up! It’s later than it’s ever been! It’s thirteen o’clock!

Children, it is the last hour, and as you have heard that antichrist is coming, so now many antichrists have come. Therefore we know that it is the last hour. ~ 1 John 2:18

In the passage we just read it’s not a little boy, but instead an old man; the Apostle John. In tune with the Divine time-keeper, he’s like the grandfather clock, but he is not sweetly chiming. No, he is more like the resounding throb of a gong. John is exclaiming to his spiritual children in Christ, Wake-up! It’s later than it’s ever been!

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