Monday, February 15, 2016

Enigmatic to the End

In 2010, I wrote a blog. Revisiting it - I revised it a bit. Nothing of any consequence. The title was changed.

I spent hours in the Scripture sifting through its pages and passages. I mulled over the tragic and triumphant, confounding and confusing, comforting and conflicting, pitiful and precious, gritty and glorious life of David. A collage of contradictions . . .

His is a story of the great heights to which a good man can ascend, and the great depths to which a good man can descend...

David was God's man - he was a fallen man.

His passion shaped him - his passions broke him.

A fountain of poetry and praise - A sea of poison and pride.

A man after God's own heart - he broke God's heart.

He lived close to God - he was estranged from God.

Men adored him - men loathed him.

He could be righteously crafty - he could be ruthlessly shifty.

He was brilliant - he was stupid.

He raged against God - he rested in God.

David's story gives me hope - David's story frightens me.

I want to be like him - I fear I am too much like him.

Like father - like son. Solomon penned the wisdom of the Proverbs and the vanity of Ecclesiastes.

In the end, the New Testament Scriptures had the last word on David. Chiseled into the foundation of eternity is David's epitaph: David served God in his generation - then he died.

In our journey . . .

It's not the beginning or the middle, the highs or the lows, the kudos or the curses, the seen or unseen that is most important. No. Most important will be God's summary of our life.

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