Sunday, January 3, 2016

Today and Tomorrow

Tomorrow morning Justin, Erika, and The Amazing Wyatt leave for Atlanta. From there they fly back to Boston. Meagan, Josh and Sammy left a few days ago. This has been the best Christmas we have experienced in many years. I'm grateful that our kids all love and enjoy each other's company, and the company of their parents. As a family, we attended church together for the first time in years, ate great food, watched Elf, played games, hung out, and gifted each other with thoughtful presents.

Wyatt had the time of his life. Seeing him drive the little electric F150 all over The Shire, steering the RZR through fields, trails, and along the swollen Standing Boy Creek, all the while seated in Papa's lap filled us with a joy that only a grandchild can deliver. Our little wolf cub caught a fish from our pond, and woke up every morning calling out for me. We lavished love on him in doses that far exceeded the record rains that caused epic flooding here in the southeast.

Tonight, toys that have been scattered all over the house have been be packed away. But soon Wyatt's buddy, Moose, will liberate them and strew them every which way across the living room floor. In no time, that little guy will be sitting behind the wheel of the electric truck, rather than being chauffeured by Wyatt. And we will love it!

Tomorrow it's back to work for the big people. Tomorrow night the house will be eerily quiet...

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