Friday, January 1, 2016

Enough is Enough...

Between its opening page on January 1 and its closing page of December 31, a book of memories penned in a journal, or written on our hearts, bears record to the uniqueness of 2015.

Most of us have a short-list of do overs--situations we would revisit and redo. Why? One reason is we have gained wisdom and perspective. Looking back we know a different decision would have resulted in a better conclusion. On the other hand, behind us is history we have no desire to revisit or revamp--once was enough! Events we wouldn't have chosen--were choice an option--occurred, but satisfaction is found in that we kept our nose to the grindstone, trudged on, and broke through. Like Weebles we wobbled, but did not fall down (or at the least didn't stay down). Enough. Yep, enough is enough!

In 2016 the unknown and unexpected awaits. There will be delights and there will be disappointments. But there is One who lives outside of time and is there at all times, and we know that the plans He has for us are good. And that is enough!

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