Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Christmas Story: John and Jesus

Tomorrow I will bring a second message from Luke's Gospel, chapters 1 and 2. Doctor Luke did his homework when putting together his Spirit-guided record of the births of John the Baptist and The Christ. Last week we studied John's birth in chapter one. John was the last of the Old Testament prophets. He was Malachi's prophesied fulfillment: John would break four-hundred years of God's silence and prepare the way for Messiah. I am almost embarrassed to confess that I will cover the births of both John and Jesus in only two messages. In no way am I diminishing the importance and impact of their births, but we know that John specifically identified Jesus' primary mission as the Lamb that takes away the sin of the world. Jesus never once asked us to remember his birth. Instead, as Messiah broke bread with his disciples for the last time, he told them and future followers: This do in remembrance of me. Each time we gather to take the communion elements of the bread--representing his broken body and the fruit of the vine--representing his shed blood, we are confirming our trust in the saving work the Son of God accomplished through his death, burial, and resurrection. Sadly, we live in a world when the birth of Jesus has been grossly commercialized and his resurrection smugly trivialized.

Back to the two births... 

Although it's rarely pointed out, both the birth of John and the birth of Jesus were intended to be The Christmas Story, so I decided a while back that I would connect their births the following way.

The Christmas Story: John and Jesus

1. Their Fulfillment
2. Their Assignment
3. Their Employment (what is the implication for us)

Christmas is 13 days away...

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