Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Carsons

The Carsons.

No, not the presidential candidate and family. I am speaking of Glenn and Paula Carson. Years ago (1983), in a county far, far, away, Sandy and I, along with an almost 3 year old named Justin and an almost 1 year old named Joshua, moved to Presque Isle, Maine (we were about 15 minutes from the Canadian border) to start a church. It was the old style method of church planting: you raised some support ($300.00 per month for us), went to a town, knocked on every door your feet could carry you, and shared the gospel. Prior to our going to Presque Isle, a man had tried to get a church off the ground, but he ran into an incredibly difficult stretch of health and had to sign-off. Sandy and I were very fortunate to have 7 sturdy people who remained from that effort.

Paula Carson was one of the remnant of the struggling New Life Baptist Church. I'm not sure who put more energy into resurrecting the fledgling church plant--Paula, or Sandy and me. Beyond working in the nursery and going door-to-door, Paula and her husband, Glenn, were often the difference between Sandy and me and our two little boys having food to eat or fuel to heat the leaky farmhouse that was built in 1901. Trust me, in northern Maine, the extremity of the cold winters cannot be exaggerated. And you could throw a cat through the cracks in that clapboarded house. My Texas bride thought she was going to freeze to death. Time after time the Carsons brought food, bought fuel, and gifted our children when Christmas and birthdays came around. When God chose to prosper the church with incredible growth, it was Glenn, vice president of a local bank, who guided us through the process of obtaining a loan and secured the favor of the lending institution.

Paula just celebrated a birthday--her 29th, just after my 60th. Over the last few days their kindness and friendship has returned to my thoughts many times. Over the years there have been some wonderful people in our lives. None better than the Carsons.

Happy Birthday, Paula! 

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