Thursday, December 10, 2015

No Room...

There have been several occasions when I was a guest in foreign countries: Gypsies in Bulgaria; Peasants in China, and church folks in Venezuela to name a few. Those dear people gave up their rooms, so that I could have the best accommodations they possessed. I am reminded of the Christmas story. Luke tells us that after a three day journey, Mary and Joseph were turned away from the inn. "There is no room." Said the inn keeper. The exhausted young couple improvised and found refuge from the evening chill among the cattle. But in reality, there was room--if the inn keeper had been willing to give up his bed.

That's an age old quandary that each of us faces. No, we don't have to literally and physically give up our personal space for the Christ-child--who grew to be revealed as Messiah that prophesy predicted.  But we do need to look at the rhythms and clutter of our lives and find room for Jesus. Biblical reality tells us that Christ doesn't settle for a little corner of our lives. No, over time he invades every inch of our lives.

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