Friday, December 11, 2015

Christmas Like You've Never Seen It.

On social media there have been several posts about the uniqueness of this coming December 25, the traditional date many around the world mark as the birthday of the Christ. For the first time since 1977 there will be a full moon on Christmas night. In 1977, Sandy and I celebrated our first Christmas together. I gifted Sandy with a pair of gold earrings (that she still has), a sweater, and a skirt. Sandy gifted me with gloves, a sweater, and dress pants. Since then, meteorologically, there literally hasn't been a Christmas like it!

But in fourteen days a brilliant full moon will climb above the horizon on Christmas night! If all goes as planned our children will be with us, plus our daughter-in-law, Erika, and our grandson, the amazing Wyatt! Sammy will be with us too! I'm praying for a crystal clear night above us, a crackling and colorful blaze in the fire pit, and a wonderful time with people that we love to the moon and back!

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