Wednesday, December 9, 2015


After making rounds at two of the companies I serve, I had a space of time before I met with a friend for lunch in Cataula. I returned to The Shire for a few minutes of down-time and sat reading a book at the edge of our pond. To my right, about 75 yards away, I could hear leaves crunching and branches snapping on the south side of the pond. Suddenly, a doe burst out of the woods and ran along the length of the earthen dam that corrals the southern bank of our pond. Then another, and still another, and behind them still another--a small buck! I could see could the sun gleaming off his antlers. Less than a minute passed and three more does leaped from the woods and this time splashed into the pond. They swam to the back edge of the pond, scrambled to dry ground and high-tailed it towards the woods to the northeast. Seconds later, a larger buck averted the water, in pursuit. In all, twelve deer charged through the same section of woods! I stared in amazement and then went into the house and grabbed my 308.

A large buck crossed the back end of the pond, I grunted at him and he stopped. I had him in the crosshairs, but behind him there is the long driveway of one of my neighbors. At this time of year, with the leaves no longer cleaving to the trees, I can see vehicles traveling back-and-forth; I chose not to shoot. Though the chances were slim, I was concerned that I might put someone in harms way if I pulled the trigger. I clicked the safety on and chose not to shoot.

About twenty-minutes later a doe raced across the southern pasture with a buck in hot pursuit. Once again, I got the buck to stop, but this time the road was the backdrop. I chose not to shoot. Instead, I leaned my 308. against the porch rails and applauded God for the experience.

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