Sunday, October 25, 2015

Last of the surgeries...

For my friends and family who have asked...

On Friday, I had the last of my surgeries; two on my left arm. Already, most of the feeling has been restored in my palm and fingers that since my accident have been numb. Unlike my right arm, these surgeries didn't require the ulnar nerve to be re-routed. The surgeon was able to relieve pressure on the ulnar nerve without re-routing it. He said there was extensive pressure in the carpal tunnel that needed to be released. A few weeks of strength training should return my hand to the dexterity I am used to.

It's been over seven weeks since the surgeries on my right arm. As of today, little has changed and feeling has yet to be restored. But the damage in my right arm was a lot more significant. Re-routing the ulnar nerve was necessary, and there was a lot of compression in the carpal tunnel. My surgeon says that feeling should return at about the six month mark.

Thanks to my friends and family for their prayers!


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