Sunday, August 16, 2015

Healing The Broken

On August 14, it was a month ago that I had the hip God gave me--which I broke-- replaced with a man made titanium one. I probably don't even need to say this, but I believe He blessed men and women with the medical savvy, brilliance, and technology to create such a spare part. This morning I walked 3 miles.

I've thought much about the healing process that has taken place in four weeks. It started with the simplest function--standing like a newborn calf on wobbly legs. Then later in that same day, six shuffling steps to the threshold of my hospital room door and back to my bed. The next day, a cautious walk the length of the hallway, and a quick tutorial on how to climb stairs--I did four.

Once home, I used a walker for two days, and then got down to business with Anthony, my PT, at our  home. He put me on a regimen of exercises that I followed to the letter. Before long, I took my first journey up and down our stairs. Before I knew it, I was outside looking at focal points that would become daily goals. All the while, I was listening to the coaching I was receiving, and the concern of my wife and friends not to overdo it.

We have all experienced another kind of brokenness, and that is spiritual brokenness. The correlation between spiritual and physical healing is not to be missed. Several parallels come to mind: the severity of our brokenness needs to be determined; the limitations it puts on us; the healing process needed, and the help that must come from outside ourselves.

One caveat would be is that there is no human cure for spiritual brokenness. Neither surgeons or physicians can fix us. Meaning, there is no titanium soul to replace your broken one. In the end, The Great Physician is the only one who can mend a crushed spirit.

For me, it's been a time to reflect on both kinds of brokenness. Regarding my broken hip--I thank God for the professional medical people and friends who have helped me through the healing process. Thanks for calling me, taking me to appointments, bringing in lunch, phone calls, cards, prayer, and so much more. Over the years, many of you are the same people who have been there when the healing needed was not physical, but, instead spiritual. Thank you...

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