Tuesday, July 28, 2015


First, I want to thank so many who have reached out to me, and my caretaker, Sandy. There has been no shortage of kindness and well-wishes. Your prayers have touched our hearts.

According to the physical therapist my new hip is doing quite well. I am diligently following the routines given me. A part of the therapy relies on my willingness and wisdom to know when to push myself and when to accept a limitation. I have been alternating between walking a mile one day and then a half-mile the next day. Along with that I have been doing stairs with the same varying intensity. So far-so good.

Next week, I return to the surgeon to have everything evaluated. I know I have a long way to go as yet. Lateral movement is limited, and when I tried to get into a vehicle on Sunday it was difficult. But all of that is to be expected.

Regarding my hands: It has been two weeks, today, since I had the accident. I still have very little feeling in my ring finger and pinky on both hands. Also, those same digits often feel like they are on fire; especially when I try to lie down. Sleep is a key ingredient in the body's healing process, and to be candid, sustained periods of sleep are not to be had at this point. I am constantly tired, so, I ask my friends who believe in prayerful intercession to lift this need up to our Father.

Also, I have three venues (mission fields) that God has blessed me to minister within. They are: Hamilton Baptist Church; the five corporations I serve through Corporate Chaplains of America, and Columbus Regional Hospital. At the present, I am unable to serve. I am housebound. The CCA companies I serve are being cared for by two of my chaplain friends, Mike and Dan. Last Sunday, due to special circumstances, I stammered through a message at HBC, but I am truly limited at the present. I don't have the physical resources to engage.

We are never out of God's care, and during this time I have a strong sense of God's Presence and care (it's there even when I don't sense it). I am using it to read, listen, and pray. I believe God is pleased with what I am doing with this time on the sidelines. I see it as an opportunity to be filled up in order to be poured out in God's time.

Last, keep Sandy in prayer. She continues to teach each day at CTC, and provide me with loving care. She is a remarkable person in all aspects and deeply devoted to all that matters in this temporal world.

Enjoying the Adventure,


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