Sunday, July 19, 2015

Keeping Watch...

Last Monday, my bike went out from under me. I choose to ride clipped into my pedals, because it provides the most efficient use of energy. There is at least one drawback to being clipped in; you can't always get your foot released if things go wrong.

On Monday things went wrong.

My front tire went flat as I made a slow right turn. In an instant, I went down. A young guy from Ft. Benning was coming toward me--in a vehicle--in the other lane, and stopped to give aide. I asked him to wait a minute while I did a self-check, but that I didn't think I had hurt myself. In seconds, I realized I couldn't move my right leg, and when I slid my hand down to my hip it didn't protrude--it was concave.

So, on Tuesday I became the proud owner of a titanium hip. Due to my age and health, they didn't recommend a partial replacement. To date, physical therapy says I am way ahead of the curve in my strengthening and healing. Pain management has been exceptional, but is accompanied with the most wonderful sort of drowsiness that makes it hard to read or focus. I have no feeling in my ring and pinky finger on either hand which makes it difficult to do any word processing. And last, but not least, I will be glad when the catheter is no longer needed.

I love the Lord and trust my life and this stuff into his hands. Today, I am resolved to keep watch through this new adventure, rather than ask, "Why?"  

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