Saturday, June 13, 2015

Birds And The Bees...

Deer, a blue heron, king fisher, turkey, doves, bluebirds, wood thrush, cardinals, gold finch, and a host of creatures make the surroundings of The Shire their home. About a week ago, we put up a feeder for hummingbirds. Now we have a ruby throated pair zipping back and forth from their yet to be located nest. The bright red syrup, suspended from the curl of a black iron holder, draws them in for a sweet tasting meal. Every morning, Sandy and I sit on the front porch sipping hot coffee and waiting for them to arrive at first light. They always do. Cautious, they flit in quickly. We look forward to the day when their timidity eases, so that we can get some close-up photographs. If that never happens we still enjoy them!

This evening, the tiny couple had syphoned off the final droplets of nectar from the feeder. After a few dry runs they flitted away disappointed; their needle-like beaks found the portals to yield nothing. Finally, one of them flew up to the living room window, hovered there, and stared in at us as if to say, "Hey, Bill, we're out of food!"

I responded to their guilting.

Refilled, the reservoir of the feeder captured the final rays of the setting sun and transformed it into a sparkling red ball. Our little friends were happy! 

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