Saturday, May 30, 2015


Yep, that's what I'm feeling like--an idiot! Why? Didn't bring my camera. A little while ago I got on the 4-wheeler and traveled through the canopied trail that follows Standing Boy Creek and snakes through sweet gum and oak trees that spill out into enormous hayfields to our west. Shutting down the 4-wheeler, I stretched out with my feet hung over the handlebars. My head leaned back on the carrier rack. Slashing the deep blue skies above me, zipper-like streaks of jet fuel streaked the otherwise pristine skies. On the horizon was a line of trees, and a storage barn that provided sage-haven for the giant round-bales of hay that will feed cattle once winter sets in.

Dragon files--the size of hummingbirds--buzzed over my head. Bats swooped. As the sun slowly sank toward the distant horizon, it silhouetted the undulating landscape; the modified A-Frame barns will  house enormous bales of hay. Sitting there in the silence, a herd of young beef-critters slowly raised their heads, and curiously stared at me. I was but a momentary distraction as they grazed on the healthy green pastures.   

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