Sunday, May 10, 2015

Babies On The Way.

At dusk, two does foraged in the field just beyond the living room windows. Quietly and slowly I opened the front door and raised the binoculars to my eyes. One of the pair, its head hidden by the tall grass, continued to feed and meander off. The other, however, caught a glimpse of my movement in the door frame and stood as still as a statue. Rotating her ears toward me, she didn't move a muscle. It was clear that a baby, or babies, will be arriving any day now. Her belly sagged under the weight of the little one (or perhaps two little ones) that has yet to leave its mother's womb. Soon, though, mama will be accompanied by a spotted fawn that will bounce around feeling carefree and completely naive to the dangers of life in the wild.

For me, it's a time of vigilance. I will do what I can to increase its chances of survival. If I have any say in it, no coyotes will make a meal of the wobbly and helpless babies. The .308 that my father gave me will be at the ready...

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