Sunday, March 22, 2015

Winter Is Past...

A couple times a day I ride by oceans of hay fields that are part of Standing Boy Farm. Gently, like waves on the sea, warm breezes cause those grasses, the first signs of spring to shimmer and dance. Over the last month the sun has been pouring its warm rays on the pastures. Spring rains fall, and cause the once dull amber expanses to give way to spears of emerald green rye grass that stretch toward the heavens. Dotting the landscape, a herd of beef cattle eat and meander from one tuft of grass to another. Storage barns form islands of manmade structures that stand out amidst the cooperative handiwork of God and man.

Here at The Shire, the fescue grass comes to life, too. As of yet, the turkeys have been shy to make their spring appearance, but soon they will be scratching at the earth scavenging bugs and buds. Just before sundown--moving from west to east--seven deer emerged from the wood line and nervously started and stopped--then started again--across our pastures. At the end of the procession was one large deer; I presume it was an antler-less buck.

As I write, rain pours down and rain patters audibly off our roof. From sun-up to sun-down we have been under intermittent showers, and a layer of clouds that have hung low over The Shire and Harris County. Tomorrow, shafts of sunlight will break through the cracks in the gray canopy. Winter is past... 

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