Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunday's Leap Forward...

This morning I spoke to both services at Rivertown Church. Rivertown has a diverse make-up in age and ethnicity. David Rathel, who is the Lead Pastor, along with the staff and congregation, have done an incredible job of following God's lead resulting in a multi-racial congregation that is truly a reflection of the community where it ministers. As I was driving from Cataula to Columbus where the church is located I wondered how the early service attendance would be affected due to the time change. It was a pleasant surprise that the one-hour leap forward didn't dent the attendance. In the second service we were blessed to have two adults pray to receive Christ. That always makes for a good day!

This afternoon, Sandy and I built a fire by the pond. Curling smoke, that couldn't make up its mind which way it would blow, chased us around the full circumference of the fire pit for several laps. Later, we got on the 4 wheeler, crossed Standing Boy Creek in a couple places, and rode winding trails through the woods. Stopping at the edge of a secluded lake we watched turtles plop off logs and take cover in the murky water. From there, we skirted the edge of one of our neighbor's fields where a couple dozen young cows meandered over to the barbed wire fence that sequestered them stared at us.

Over the last two days the weather has been glorious. Trees are transforming from muted winter colors to varying shades of red buds and multiple green leaves. Our shrubs around the house are splashed with purples, maroons, and yellows. Ground-cover is slowly overwhelming the dead blonde grass. Spiked shoots of wild onions reach for the sun. Spring is just around the corner…

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