Friday, March 27, 2015

A New Cycle...

Yesterday's advance of changing seasons acted like the squeeze trigger on a spray-bottle releasing a mist of pollen from the pine trees. Yellowish-green spores hung in the air like smoke. Swirling winds drifted them to the pond where they formed swooshes like the foamy top of a Starbucks latte. Then everything--no matter what color it once was--took on a pollinated hue. My contact lenses were cloudy and my eyes itched. Spring fully engaged the southeast. Last night rain fell and cleared the air. The rippling surface of the pond is once again clear.

In these parts, Old Man Winter does little more than display fits of grumpiness. Winter months consist of a few days when blasts of chilled air coat dormant pastures with frosty crystals and skim puddles with sheen of ice. But he is gone for good, and now our long rectangular hedges form a bunting of green and purple that front the wrap-around porch declaring, "Spring has arrived!" A new cycle begins: birds building nests; deer criss-crossing our fields; days growing longer, and the sun rising higher. I love this place!

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