Tuesday, January 6, 2015

My Precarius Life.

The following post is an edited post from 2006. 

"You meant. My precarious Life." You might be thinking. No, I did not intend to spell precarious in the title of this post. Precarius is the word I intended. I read recently that the word prayer comes from the Latin root precarius, a linguistic cousin to precarious--A word that we associate with uncertainty. 

For sure, there is an uncertainty that goes with prayer. Often times, it is uncertainty itself that causes us to call out to the invisible God in faith.  As we do so, we are not sure of the outcome, but we are sure of the God we pray to, so we pray as Jesus taught us: Thy will be done.

When I think of the word precarious I also think of danger. I have heard it said, "Be careful what you pray for!"  But what I have learned is that it's my lack of prayer that is dangerous. The question is whether I will live a precarious or precarius life.

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