Saturday, December 27, 2014

Wolf Cub Wyatt

My little wolf cub had another fantastic day -- and made mine! Today we took him to Pine Mountain to see our friends Cary and Jeri. Jeri took Wyatt upstairs where she had a closet full of toys that her now adult children used to play with. Wyatt's favorite was a train that had a box car with animals, and an engine that tooted. We also walked across the pasture to the barn (little wolf cub purposefully tramped through several piles of puckies) where with wide-eyed wonder he saw Cary's two beautiful Tennessee Walkers. It was the first time he had seen real live horses (home is in the middle of Boston)! Big Red and Cowboy are beautiful creatures. Cowboy is the horse I ride. Wyatt fed them some oats, petted and brushed them, sat atop Cowboy, and explored the barn that houses them. We took pictures with Cary's phone that will soon be forthcoming.

I can't freeze time, but I can record my thoughts and pictures for days ahead when the Amazing Wyatt is no longer at The Shire...

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