Monday, November 24, 2014

Rick and Liz

When our son Josh was six he became friends with Ricky. They attended school together all the way together through high school. We have a lot of history. Ricky, along with a group of classmates, used to spend many a weekend at our house. The guys used to build debris huts and camp out in the woods behind our place. As they got older and got driver licenses they used to travel up to Maine from Massachusetts to our cabin. There, in that beautiful place, they would fish and swim in the Penobscot River, sit around an open fire under a billion stars, and often journey a little further north to climb and hike to the one mile summit of Mt. Katahdin. I was also most of those guys pastor.

Months ago, Rick asked if I would officiate his marriage to Liz that would take place in Massachusetts. In the months leading up to the big day I talked with them on Skype about their soon to be joint adventure as husband and wife and plans were confirmed. I live in Georgia. This past weekend, Rick and his bride to be flew me to the venue there in the northeast. Josh was there too, along with many of those same boys, now grown men. Some of the girls they grew up with were there too.

It was a beautiful ceremony and not lacking in nostalgia. It was a time of reconnecting with a group of people I spent twelve years with and was filled with laughter and old stories…some stories we had all hoped nobody remembered!

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