Friday, October 31, 2014


A few minutes ago, I stepped outside and started toward one of our outbuildings. It is there that I keep bags of corn to feed the deer. It was time to set a spread for them. Most mornings and evenings a couple of does, along with their young fawns, show up to get a healthy, and to them, tasty meal. As I started across the yard, I stopped to look at the setting sun; we have just enough cloud cover to hold out the hope of a colorful western horizon. Only the tip-tops of the trees were crowned with the final glowing rays of the sun. As I took it all in, a bright red cardinal flew from north to south. It was high enough for the waning beams of the day to light up its brilliant red feathers. Beautiful.

Perfect timing, of a perfect God, with perfect love for me, his imperfect creation.

P.S. Just checked on the feeding spot: Mama doe and her baby are eating un-cobbed corn. 

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