Friday, October 3, 2014

Love It...

Watching a classic--Princess Bride. Cordelia is here, born and raised in China. She is our good friend. A few years back I led her to Christ and baptized her. About every other weekend she comes to the quiet land  of The Shire and stays with us.  Cordelia is a delightful young woman and fully engaged in an MBA at Columbus State University. We are sooooo proud of her.

Cordelia is one of five Students from China that we met with every Monday night for a year. To this point, it was one of the most engaging periods in our life. Cordelia also taught at SIAS University in Henan Province, China. Priceless.

Tomorrow, we will take a ride on the RZR. Miles of trails criss-cross the 1200 acres that surround us. Deer will take flight and ground dwelling creatures will scurry. Forecast for tomorrow is a sunny high of 65 degrees! As I write, her attention is divided between the movie and her iPhone.

Princess Buttercup and the brave Wesley are about to elope. She is giggling. Princess Bride is finished.

"Can we watch, Under The Dome?" She asks. Love it...

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