Monday, September 1, 2014

Good Company

We get some pretty amazing sunrises, too!
We cherish the sense of well-being we received from one another's company this Labor Day weekend. Peaceful and laid back, our setting is perfect for sitting on the farmer's porch in the big rocking chairs and sipping hot coffee. Conversation flowed easily, but often stopped mid-sentence to point out deer crossing the field, or a ruby throated hummingbird peeping and oscillating back and forth in front of someone's colorful clothing. During the day our pistols barked and wax covered targets told the truth about the shooter's marksmanship. Each night the kids went out to the back fields to watch the sinking sun paint the western sky with pastel streaks. Old movies and playing Quelf--their choice--capped off each day. None of us went to bed hungry either!

Now, the shush of the air condition vents and the hum of the dishwasher are the only sounds heard in the house. Josh and Sammy left for Knoxville this morning. Cordelia returned to town. Ben is on his way back to UGA in Athens. None of them wanted to leave.

Between now and Christmas there will be a happy reunion at The Shire.

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