Saturday, August 30, 2014


Josh and Sammy are here. Cordelia is here. Ben is on the way from UGA. Ribs from Billy's are here in abundance. We love the company of our kids and their friends. The Shire is a most peaceful place, and  Sandy and I find great pleasure in the fact that our guests seem to melt into its tranquility. Their stay will be short, so the agenda is simple… relax. Sooo, conversing, napping, reading, and chilling has ruled the day.

As the sun rose, we drank coffee and sat on the farmer's porch. Our entertainment was a doe with twin fawns bolting across the field from east to west, and then settling into a shaded corner of the pasture to  forage the freshly mowed fields. After a while, I took the RZR for a spin across Standing Boy Creek. Up and down the network of trails I went, breaking through hundreds of spiderwebs that form a dragnet for anything that moves. Wooded ridges and bottom land that grows thick with vegetation make up the topology. Incredible. Blessed.

The skies have alternated between blazing swords of sunbeams hot enough to wilt anything bearing life, and billowy cloud castles that cruise across the heavens leaving great shadows upon the earth and whipping up brief solar winds that give momentary respites from the heat. To the northeast someone has turned their backyard into a target range. I suspect it's for black powder weapons. Throughout the day they bellow from time to time. A hunter getting his long gun sighted-in for the brief primitive arms hunting season that will be upon us soon?

Speaking of hunting…

Next week I will take my twenty-plus year old compound bow to an archery shop and have it tuned. My friend, Scott, told me. "Don't let them talk you into a new one. The one I have is fine." I agree. It's been three years since I have sat in a tree stand clothed in camouflage waiting for the darkness around me to lighten to ever increasing values of silver dawn. There is a rhythm in nature of sights and sounds that you can't experience any other way. I could care less if I fill a tag.

An armadillo has been tearing up our yard (my northeast friends have never seen the damage they can do. Like little bulldozers running amok) and has dug out a den beneath our our stack of firewood. Ben, Josh, and I will evict him….

Ben just arrived!   

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