Thursday, August 7, 2014

Back And Forth

At the cabin in Maine, the thin red line of the thermometer quit climbing at 66 degrees! It will be at least a couple of months before the mercury begins descending that low at The Shire in Georgia. As I sat in my red canvas chair and journaling, the sun was a whitish-silver glow with undefined edges and slowly slipping behind the tree line. Colorful strobes, broadcasting out from its center to the east and west, eventually dissipated.

Ordinarily there is a sandbar directly across from the cabin on the west bank of the Penobscot. But this past winter a record snowfall, quick spring thaw, and heavy rains caused several different floods. Millions of cubic feet of broiling water forced its way through the narrow immovable ledges and around the two giant boulders in the channel and tumbled the sand/gravel beach further to the south.

Sitting on the porch, I could see a section of the river where the sight-lines are broken-up by trees that reach high into the fading summer skies. Perched on the bare limb of an oak, its talons clinched around a branch the size of my wrist, sat an immature eagle perfectly silhouetted against the evening dusk. Its curved beak, and mottled feathers were clearly distinguishable. Turning its head back and forth, it scanned the wood line for an evening snack.

It's Thursday morning and my fingers bounce on the keyboard as I transfer my journal to this blog. I am comfortably seated on a bus (with wi-fi) having just left Bangor and on my way to Boston. Soon, I will be in the company of Justin, Erika, and The Amazing Wyatt! Our kids are settling into temporary housing until they find longer-term housing. As some of you know, their home was destroyed by a tornado a couple of weeks ago. BTW--they had almost no loss of personal items due to the tornado. However, the city would not let them retrieve most of their belongings, because the building was structurally unsafe to enter. That didn't deter the thieves that broke in last Saturday and took what they could carry off.

I can't wait to see Justin and Erika, and roll around on the floor with Wyatt! It's all good...

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