Monday, July 28, 2014


Earlier today a tornado touched down in the Boston area. Our oldest son's apartment was in its path. Thankfully, Justin and Erika and our grandson--The Amazing Wyatt--were not at home! No one was injured! My wife, Sandy, was there just yesterday. Our other son, Josh, was with Justin, the two of them were taking a day-trip to Nantucket. Justin received a call from his landlord that the house was uninhabitable. Our sons made an about-face and a fast trip back to the scene. We have been in contact with everyone involved.

No deaths due to the tornado have been reported.

Josh told me that standing inside the house he could look up and see blue sky. Amazingly, nothing of great value in Justin' home was destroyed. Also, some really great friends are traveling and have provided their home as a refuge for our eldest son and his family.

Needless to say, we are grateful for God's Providential care. The area around the house is scattered with debris, limbs, and flying objects that finally fell out of the whirling grip of the tornado. Many automobiles received major damage. A lot could have gone wrong if our family had been in the immediate surroundings.

Thanks to our friends who are celebrating their safety with us…

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