Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Our New Adoption

We have a little spotted fawn that we believe may be orphaned. For the last three days he/she is always running up to within a few feet of our son Josh and bleats at him. Today, Josh saw our little adopted one coming from behind the guest house and crept up on it and squatted down and watched it as it quenched its thirst at the edge of our pond. I stood on the balcony and snapped a bunch of pictures. At one point it noticed Josh and climbed over one of the tiers to get a closer look at its admirer. For several minutes they gazed eye-to-eye in a stare down contest. No more than five-feet of distance separated them. After a few minutes our little one bleated and scurried off to the woods and down over the bank.

Being that close to it, Josh could see that something is wrong with its bottom jaw; it doesn't align with it upper one. We hope it survives. Sandy has checked with deer rescue organizations and we are following their lead in how to best help it. I am keeping a dutiful eye out for coyotes that are very plentiful here around The Shire. 

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